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Owner's information maintained on this site is solely for the use of the Caribe Resort Condominium Association and its members. The contents of the site are copyright protected and maintained by Caribe Realty. No information from this site may be shared or downloaded without written consent of the Caribe Resort Owner's Association and Caribe Realty.

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Annual Owners Meeting

Please be advised that the fifteenth annual Caribe Resort Condo Owners Association (COA) meeting will be held on Saturday, February 17, 2018, at 1:00 pm, at Caribe Resort Building D, Suite 100, 28107 Perdido Beach Blvd in Orange Beach. For more details to click on the button below.

Helpful Links for Owners

Angela's Attic

Contact Angela Dilling, the owner's representative for information not on this site.

adilling@cariberesort.Com 251.980.9069 click below

By-Laws and More

By clicking below, you will access the by-laws and meeting notes, as well as other documents. A great place to start if you are a new owner.

Owner Tools

Need items for your condo? This section provides you with links to many of the daily items you need to manage your unit.

Report a Problem

Need to report a problem? If you report a problem on the website it is immediately emailed to the department manager and the general manager.

Owners Tools

Below are the most used links by Caribe Resort Owners. By reviewing this page on a regular basis you can be informed of up-to-date changes at the resort and items concerning the COA.

Keep up with the news about Caribe Resort. Here you will find a digital copy of the newsletter which is also mailed to your home

If you have your condo on the Caribe Realty Rental Program you can log into your unit here and see financial updates and reservations for you condo.

If you have your condo on the Caribe Realty Rental Program you can log into your unit here and see financial updates and reservations for you condo.

Here you can review the different floor plans for the various condominiums at Caribe Resort

This is a blog updated by Angela Dilling, the Owner's Relation Representative for Caribe Resort.

Caribe Staff

Below are just a few of the staff members who keep the resort flowing. These are the managers and their contact information. They look forward to assisting you with any questions or concerns.


Stan is the General Manager of Caribe Resort and a licensed Real Estate agent. Stan has been a leader of the Caribe Resort team for over 10 years and is officed in Building B.

Phone: (251) 980-9020


Angela is the Owner Relations Representative for Caribe Resort. Please feel free to email her for any questions relating to the COA which are not explained on this site. She has a blog in "Owner's Tools" for recent information.

Phone: (251) 980-9069


Kip is the Rental Director at Caribe Resort and he is a licensed Real Estate Broker. He is always willing to assist with any questions you may have about the property or concerning local rental programs.

Phone: (251) 980-9031


Derrick is the Director of Security at Caribe Resort. He assist owners with questions on parking, visitor passes, security cameras and all-round protection of the resort.

Phone: (251) 980-9080


Jeff is the Maintenance Director of the property. Jeff's job covers much of the daily upkeep for the resort and the grounds. If you notice a problem you can call Jeff's line and it will generate a work order for his department.

Phone: (251) 980-9070


As the IT Director, David is the one who keeps you connected to the internet. He is also in charge of television and phones. David and his staff receive a work order any time you email them with a situation.

Phone: (251) 980-9090


Kori is your main contact for real estate and much more. She is the Administrative Assistant in the Caribe Realty office and coordinates much of the correspondence between the owners and managers.

Phone: (251) 980-9041


Need to host a meeting or event at Caribe Resort? Debora is the Group/ Event Coordinator and will be happy to assist you with your party or function. Debora manages the meeting rooms in the C and D buildings.

Phone: (251) 980-9032

Lisa Norwood

Lisa is the Director of Housekeeping for Caribe Resort. She maintains the cleanliness throughout the property, both inside and out. Lisa and her staff also manages the beach trolley.

Phone: (251) 980-9061


As Marketing Director for the Caribe Resort, Rod manages advertising, social media, and the company's web presence.

Phone: (251) 923-2225


Amy is the Accounting Manger for Caribe Resort. Her department manages the bookkeeping for the Caribe Resort COA.

Phone: (251) 980-9058


Bill is the Director of Aquatics for Caribe Resort. His department, which is on the site long before the sun rises, maintains over 40000 square feet of pools and fountains.

Phone: (251) 980-9074

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