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arthur and merlin cast

Other than that, he is kind with a good sense of humor and has been shown to have an especially strong friendship with his fellow knight Gawaine. Although Gwaine never met his father, he likes to think that he was a noble who treated his servants well, but generally held a low opinion of the nobility, believing that they saw the lower-classes as being there to do nothing more than serve them. In the subsequent battle to reclaim Camelot, Morgause was defeated by the combined magic of Gaius and Merlin, the latter of whom threw her against a column which rendered her unconscious. Arthur doesn't agree with his father's rulings, which makes his bond with Merlin even stronger. Her singing put the entire royal court into an enchanted sleep except Merlin, and he stopped her from killing Arthur by causing a chandelier to fall on her body. She kisses him in "The Poisoned Chalice". Fortunately, Merlin is able to clear Gwen of this crime by using an aging spell to give himself the appearance of an elderly sorcerer who enchanted both Gwen and Arthur to cause chaos in Camelot, the two subsequently agreeing to keep their feelings secret until Arthur is king and can change the laws that currently prevent them from being together. Arthur knew that magic had been used to drive the raiders away, and the dying Will took responsibility for this in order to protect Merlin. Lady Helen of Mora (portrayed by Eve Myles) was a famous singer who was on her way to Camelot to perform at King Uther's festival, until she was possessed and killed by Mary Collins using poppet magic. Deadline Before setting the pyre off, however, Merlin used his magic to cleanse Lancelot's soul but in doing so managed to briefly resurrect him. Cenred (portrayed by Tom Ellis) was the ruler of a neighboring kingdom of Camelot's, the kingdom that held Merlin's home village, Ealdor, as in the first-season episode, "The Moment of Truth", Uther stated that the safety of Ealdor was "Cenred's responsibility". Arthur was visibly relieved to have her home again, even hugging her, but remained unaware that in the year that she had been gone, Morgana had switched sides and was allied with Morgause to bring down Uther and Camelot. According to legend, the Fisher King was struck by a plague that spread to the rest of his land, destroying his people while leaving him immortal but permanently crippled, unable to take any action to halt what was happening to his lands. On a later occasion, Gaius was briefly reunited with his old fiancée, Alice, who had been forced to flee the kingdom due to Uther's prosecution of magic, but Merlin's discovery that she was under the influence of a manticore forced her to leave once again even after he and Gaius destroyed the manticore, although Gaius chose to stay behind in order to continue guiding Merlin. Before Uther can kill Merlin, Arthur confronts him again and blows the horn. Leon is later unhorsed jousting against 'Sir William' in the semifinals of the tournament. Arhur manages to kill Helios and defeat the Southrons as he wins back Camelot. But Merlin attempted to convince Gilli to withdraw from the tournament before anyone got hurt. The "Queen of Hearts" episode is purely about Arthur's love for Gwen. Morgana wavered briefly before him, showing some slight sign of guilt, but eventually told him that it was his stance on magic that had led to this. Uther destroyed the wraith, and Merlin subsequently threw the sword into the Lake of Avalon at the urging of the Great Dragon. Gaius and Gwen help Merlin regain control, and he then goes to Morgana's hovel disguised as Dragoon to destroy the enchantment, defeating Morgana in a magical duel. Sigan then unleashed a raven-like monster (Sigan's name meaning 'raven' in the language of the Old Religion) and animated the citadel's gargoyles to destroy Camelot. In the premiere episode of the fourth series, "The Darkest Hour", Lancelot still held his position as a knight and was one of those who accompanied Arthur in the quest to close the veil between the realms of the living and the dead, which had been torn open by Morgana in her quest for revenge against Camelot. At the end of season four, Agravaine guided part of Helios' army through the siege tunnels and started the attack on Camelot, and some soldiers went above on the ground. In the fourth-season premiere, "The Darkest Hour, Part One", her village was attacked by the Dorocha, the spirits of the dead. When Arthur arrives to save Gwen, he realises that the flame between Gwen and Lancelot has been reignited, and he is hurt and claims that he only came because Morgana made him. When traveling to rescue him, Gwen described her brother to Arthur, calling him "one of those people who never settled down, never thinks about the future; just follows his heart wherever it leads him," and that he had a tendency to "always be in the wrong place at the wrong time." When Nimueh poisoned the city's water supply, he fell victim to the magical plague which had killed many others. Ygraine was barren and incapable of giving birth, so Uther, who was desperate for her to conceive an heir, went to Nimueh and persuaded her to use her magic to help Ygraine. In the first 3 series, Uther rules his kingdom successfully, but is typically blindsided when dealing with magic, choosing simple solutions that often fail to root out those who wish Camelot harm. Although Gwaine appeared to be essentially a drunken flirt, running up at least one large tavern bill during his time in Camelot while flirting casually with Gwen, he demonstrated a strong opinion of right and wrong, stating that nobility should be defined by what they did rather than who they were by birth, as well as an exceptional ability at sword-fighting that impressed even Arthur. What Gorlois, however, did not know was that while he was away fighting for King Uther Pendragon, Vivienne had had a brief affair with Uther. "Secrets and Magic: Witch Hunt" twice referred to Gaius as Merlin's uncle—probably meaning Hunith's brother. The Great Dragon confirms that Arthur is dead; however Merlin realises his destiny is to protect the King's resting place. Arthur stages an attack to retake the castle, while a returning Lancelot aids Merlin in breaking the enchantment with Excalibur, killing the immortal army. During Morgana's subsequent conquest of Camelot, Gwen feigned continued loyalty to her mistress in order to wait for an opportunity to assist Arthur, eventually managing to sneak Sir Leon out of Camelot so that the two of them could join Arthur and his small band of knights. He worked as a blacksmith in Camelot. When Gorlois died, Vivienne disappeared leaving Morgana in the care of Uther as a (supposed) orphan. Merlin GenreSerial drama Medieval fantasy Adventure Created byJulian Jones Jake Michie Johnny Capps Julian Murphy StarringColin Morgan Angel Coulby Bradley James Katie McGrath Anthony Head Richard Wilson Nathaniel Parker Theme music composerRob Lane Opening theme"Merlin's Arrival at Camelot" Ending theme"The Call of Destiny" ComposersRob Lane Rohan Stevenson Country of originUnited Kingdom Original languageEnglish No. Ygraine Pendragon (portrayed by Alice Patten) was the wife of Uther Pendragon and mother of Arthur. Get a sneak peek of the new version of this page. After saving Merlin's life from a rampaging griffin, the warlock promised to help the other man achieve his goal. In the penultimate episode, "The Fires of Idirsholas", Arthur was visibly devastated when Morgana was seemingly kidnapped by Morgause, blaming himself for having failed to protect her. This would prove difficult since according to the knight's code of Camelot, only noblemen could become knights. In the morning, Saxons threaten to kill the pair, but then Mordred appears and saves them. After the Great Dragon was freed in "The Fires of Idirsholas" and began a series of repeated attacks on Camelot in the second-season finale, Arthur and Merlin went on a desperate search to find Balinor, hoping to convince him to stop the dragon's assault. Her half-sister informed her of a vision where she had seen Gwen being crowned Queen of Camelot. Morgana faces Gwen once more, as the two battle. The fifth episode of season 5 entitled "The Disir", sees Arthur, Merlin, and Mordred confront a sorcerer who has been injured by Gawaine. Throughout the fourth season, Agravaine influenced Arthur heavily in matters of state, even encouraging the young king to go against his own instincts and wishes, such as killing the king of another kingdom who had been raiding inside Camelot's borders and distancing himself from Gwen in the episode, "His Father's Son". When they made a potion for Elena they had to use Gaius as bait to keep Grunhilda away from her so then they could give Elena the potion without Grunhilda seeing. Arthur and Merlin go into hiding until Agravaine locates them. Despite the manticore's plan to poison the king succeeding, Merlin and Gaius were able to cure Uther by killing the manticore. When Morgana employed a wizard called Alator to find out who Emrys is Gaius was kidnapped by Alator to reveal the real secret about Merlin. In "The Coming of Arthur, Part One", however, Morgause betrayed him by taking control of Cenred's army, which had just been made immortal via the Cup of Life, and ordered one of the soldiers to kill him. He escorted Merlin to the crystal cave, saying his final goodbyes. Having foreseen Morgana use the dagger to kill Uther, Merlin begins to keep tabs on Morgana's actions. Sigan then left Cedric's body and attempted to possess Merlin's, but was then trapped back in the jewel that had been his previous prison. Merlin is sent to Camelot by his mother to live with her old friend, the court physician Gaius. Merlin intervened by heating the dagger in Aredian's hand and in the ensuing scuffle, Aredian fell out of a glass window from a high tower to his death. Uther Pendragon (portrayed by Anthony Head) was the king of Camelot. In the third series finale, The Coming of Arthur, Part Two, the two men traveled to Camelot when Lancelot received a message from Merlin, requesting aid following Morgana and Morgause's takeover of the kingdom with an army of immortal soldiers. Arthur decides to beg for Mordred's life, and the Disir give him an ultimatum, saying that he must embrace the Old Ways. Guinevere figured it must have been Sefa who had betrayed them and Sefa confessed to the crime, being sentenced to death by Gwen in the absence of Arthur. She attacks Mordred and Merlin with her magic; Merlin manages to escape to Arthur and Gwen whilst Morgana attempts to persuade Mordred to join her cause, reminding Mordred of how Arthur would react if he found out Mordred was a sorcerer. In "The Castle of Fyrien", Elyan and Gwen were reunited when Cenred and Morgause kidnapped the siblings in order to capture Arthur. Gwaine is reunited with Merlin and Arthur when they are captured by a slave-trader, Gwaine and Arthur staging a fight to give themselves a chance to escape (Although it was only due to Merlin's efforts that they escaped the tower anyway, Merlin using a spell to enhance a nearby torch so that it started a fire). When Morgana finds out Agravaine and her army were wiped out by a dragon before they could get to Arthur, she claims it is the work of Emrys. Merlin cured him using magic, resulting in Gwen being blamed for causing the plague. Her only appearance was "Drawing of the Dark". Arthur, however, released him shortly thereafter, admitting that Lancelot fights like a knight despite his lack of the other necessary 'qualifications'. Stricken with grief, Uther outwardly blamed sorcery for his wife's death, and vowed revenge on all forms of magic. With Gwen's relationship with Morgana having cooled after Morgana's return to Camelot and her new allegiance to Morgause, Gwen has begun to spend more time with Merlin, assisting him when he was accused of sorcery while Gaius was possessed by a goblin. The servant in charge of looking after the castle's stables is suspected. He eventually acquired the friendship and companionship of Percival. Grettir (portrayed by Warwick Davis) Merlin therefore assumes the role of The Dolma, an elderly, reclusive sorceress who has trouble getting clothes and who is the alleged guardian of the lake. Merlin was then forced to ask the Great Dragon for help, and discovered that the only way to break the enchantment was to have Uther cry tears of "true remorse". Mordred finally turns against Camelot when the girl he loves is executed for trying to kill Arthur. In the first-season episode, "The Gates of Avalon", he and his daughter, Sophia, seek to return to Avalon, the land of eternal youth, after they were banished to Camelot to live as humans as punishment for Aulfric killing another Sidhe. Uther reveals to Gaius in secret that Morgana is in fact Uther's daughter; when Gorlois was away in battle, his wife Vivienne grew lonely which led to an affair between her and Uther, the product being Morgana. During the subsequent raid on Camelot, Gwaine and his other allies are knighted by Arthur around the Round Table in recognition of their service to Camelot, Gwaine commenting before the battle that, even if they have no chance of victory, he wouldn't miss this fight for anything. Guinevere ("Gwen"; portrayed by Angel Coulby) enters the story as Morgana's personal servant, and eventually becomes the Queen of Camelot. Even without magic, Gaius has shown exceptional talent as a physician, regularly treating injuries in the court, and even preparing a draught that precisely duplicates the taste of a troll potion without any access to the original recipe. He underwent a series of tests to remove the curse, and even failed the second one. The manticore, however, had instead gained control of her and wished to use her relationship with Gaius to kill Uther. Balinor (portrayed by John Lynch) was the last known Dragonlord. At the start Morgana describes Gwen as "the most kind and loyal person you would ever meet". But, Vivian did not love Arthur and was described as the only woman in the kingdom not to love him. She therefore refused was hanged. Balinor was forced to flee Ealdor and left Hunith behind, unaware that she was pregnant with hi… Merlin and Freya began to fall in love. When Morgause was born, Gaius entrusted her to the care of the High Priestesses of the Old Religion and in turn spread the word throughout the court that she had died. Nerdly Follows King Arthur and his people race home to prevent Mordred from taking over Camelot. Steve McQueen Doc Among Venice Market Lineup; ‘Three Musketeers’ Movie In Cannes Market; Ava DuVernay Execed Series Gets Deal — Global Briefs, 22 June 2020 Once they arrive in Camelot, Mordred exits the castle alive and well, and Merlin realises his mistake - that Arthur refusing to embrace the Old Religion sealed his fate. Now, more crazed than ever to kill Arthur, Morgana travels to the Lake of Avalon after learning that Merlin is attempting to save Arthur there. However, the spell cast begins to kill Merlin's mother instead. Due to Gwen's status she has a tendency to be subservient, but she is seen to not be afraid of standing up for her beliefs and speaking her mind; a trait admired by most around her, particularly Arthur. Morgana and Mordred reunite; during a dinner, Morgana flies into a rage when Mordred reveals they had Arthur in their grasp. As Arthur retook Camelot, Percival and Leon freed the prisoners. But there was something about Gwaine which was different. Freya (portrayed by Laura Donnelly) was a Druid girl who lived in a village near mountains and a lake. He entrusted her to the High Priestesses of the Old Religion. He blamed Uther, who ordered that they be burned, and Gaius, who did not attempt to save them because they had turned to dark magic. Sophia (portrayed by Holliday Grainger) was a beautiful young woman who appeared in Camelot with her elderly father, Aulfric. They are later ambushed by Saxons, and a fight starts. Morgause led the effort to hunt down Arthur and his few remaining supporters, even convincing Morgana to let Gwen and Leon escape so they could lead her to the fugitives. Elyan's sudden attack on the king was at first thought to have been motivated by anger over Gwen's earlier banishment, but it was later discovered that he truly was being possessed. In the fourth series, when Morgana creates a rift to release souls of the dead on the kingdom, Merlin, attempts to sacrifice himself to end the spell, but Lancelot takes his place. With the Great Dragon freed and repeatedly attacking Camelot, Arthur and Merlin set off in the faint hope that they could secure the aid of the last living Dragonlord, Balinor, who was also, unbeknownst to Arthur, Merlin's father. When he is imprisoned and sentenced to death, it is later revealed that Gwen was the one responsible. He along with Elyan and Gawaine are rescued by Percival to face Morgana. He fails in this task, but succeeds in fatally injuring and later killing Uther. Tristan confirms his love for her with a kiss upon her lips after she dies. Although he died years ago, he appeared to Merlin- it was unspecified whether Taliesin had left a magical 'recording' of himself to pass on his message, had come forward in time from the past, or if this was merely his ghost- when Arthur was badly injured by an arrow, healing Arthur's wound and subsequently taking Merlin—whom he referred to as 'Emrys'--to the Crystal Cave, where he showed Merlin the crystals, explaining that only a few rare individuals are able to use the crystals to see the future. She is also the sister of Lord Agravaine. Later, in "The Dark Tower", Elyan was killed by an enchanted sword while saving Gwen from Morgana. Uther's death enraged Arthur and incited him further against magic, even causing him to confide in Merlin later that he despised magic and believed it truly evil. as Gwen and Arthur marry. Gwaine subsequently joined the two on their quest to recover the Cup of Life, but the Cup is lost during a subsequent attack by Cenred's forces. Most notably, she did so as she tended to an unconscious Arthur in the Series 1 finale. When Gaius inevitably gave in and told Alator Emrys' true identity as well as the prophecies about him, Alator switched sides, rescuing Merlin from Morgana by knocking her out. Arthur's relationship with Gwen continued to develop over the third series as well. In the fourth season's two-part finale, "The Sword in the Stone", Elyan was captured, along with Gaius and Gawain, when Morgana again took over Camelot. When Uther is mortally wounded in an assassination attempt on Arthur, Agravaine passes on the 'good news' to Morgana. As per her plan, she defeated him and spared his life after extracting a promise that he would accept a different challenge from her. Directed by (11) Writing credits (8) Cast (197) Produced by (14) Music by (5) Cinematography by (6) Film Editing by (15) Casting By (1) Production Design by (4) Art Direction by (9) Costume Design by (2) Makeup Department (68) However Finna kills herself to avoid breaking under Morgana's torture, once again thwarting Morgana's plans to find out who Emrys truly is. Merlin is later thrown in the dungeons. While departing, Morgause was spotted and recognized by Gwen, which led to the beginning of the maid's suspicions about Morgana's loyalties. Morgana prepares to use her magic to kill Arthur once and for all, however she soon realises that her powers have gone (unbeknowest to her, Merlin sneaked into the castle and placed an enchanted doll under Morgana's bed to drain her off her magic whilst she slept). Mordred is buried by Morgana who swears revenge, but after tracking Arthur and Merlin down is killed by Excalibur. Merlin says he will give his life to save Arthur's. May 17, 2017 - Explore Tom G's board "British Male Actors" on Pinterest. Episode 12 saw him have a short relationship with the refugee Eira. As Uther lay dying, Arthur frantically sought out a sorcerer who might be able to heal his father's wounds, unknowing that the sorcerer was actually Merlin in the same disguise he wore in the third-season episode, "Queen of Hearts". He was killed by Isolde (a smuggler who, with her husband Tristan gave Merlin and Arthur shelter during their escape from Camelot) during a duel with Arthur, but not before stabbing Isolde in the stomach, fatally wounding and later killing her. As life returns to normal in the citadel, Arthur finally marries Gwen and crowns her Queen of Camelot. With no other way to save the kingdom — conventional weapons and Merlin's magic prove useless — Uther agrees with Gaius's suggestion that they call on the aid of the presumed-dead last dragonlord, Balinor, and Merlin learns this man was his father. Arthur's relationship with Gwen finally seemed to reach fruition in "Lancelot du Lac", when he asked her to marry him. Learn how and when to remove these template messages, Learn how and when to remove this template message, explain the fiction more clearly and provide non-fictional perspective, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=List_of_Merlin_characters&oldid=999094481, Lists of British television series characters, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles needing additional references from March 2013, All articles needing additional references, Articles that need to differentiate between fact and fiction from November 2010, All articles that need to differentiate between fact and fiction, Articles with multiple maintenance issues, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 8 January 2021, at 13:18. Merlin was born to Hunith and Balinor in Ealdor, a small outlying village in the kingdom of Essetir. As the final battle begins, Merlin encounters the Ghost of his Father and with his guidance, regains his magic. When they arrived at the Isle, however, Lancelot willingly took Merlin's place, both to fulfill the promise he'd made to Gwen and also to keep Merlin alive, who was Arthur's chief and most effective protector. Before the three travelers could reach Camelot, however, they were attacked by soldiers of Cenred, and Balinor sacrificed his life to save Merlin, dying in his son's arms. Merlin soon forged a seal of nobility and introduced Lancelot to Guinevere, who helped by creating clothes suitable for the son of a lord. Morgana returns to Camelot where she tortures Elyan for information regarding Arthur's whereabouts; Elyan breaks under torture and tells Morgana that Arthur flees to Ealdor. In the fifth series when Mordred becomes a Knight after rescuing Arthur from Morgana, Merlin remains suspicious of him, fearing a prophecy in which the Druid kills the king. Morgana has also abducted many of Arthur's knights and is using them as slaves to help her in her plans. He temporarily robs Morgana of her powers, forcing her to flee. Due to Arthur's essential role and the requirement that there be a sorcerer on hand to break the spell once Guinevere is in position, Gaius informs Arthur that he has found a woman to perform the task. Tauren then attacked Uther and was fatally wounded by Morgana. Their efforts would ultimately come to nothing. Kilgharrah says that the destiny of Albion and Arthur lies only in Merlin's hands, inspiring him to have Arthur draw Excalibur from the stone. Gilli (portrayed by Harry Melling) is a young man who attempted to participate in the tournament of Camelot, secretly using his magic to prevail in the tournament. He also holds a central position in great ceremonies of state, having presided over handfastings for both Uther and Arthur (the latter not having been completed), and the crowning of Morgana as Queen of Camelot as well as Arthur's own coronation as King. Gilli recognised that his father had disdained magic not out of fear of his power, but out of fear of its ability to corrupt. She killed Lady Helen, who was visiting Camelot to perform for Uther, and assumed Lady Helen's appearance. Gaius himself used to practice sorcery - a fact that Uther is aware of, although he is satisfied that Gaius has forsaken his old magical abilities. Arthur chooses to spare Mordred's life, much to Merlin's anger. After these events, Morgana and Morgause's plans shifted and they began to deliberately seek Arthur's death in order to solidify Morgana's claim to the throne as Uther's only remaining offspring. Agravaine led Arthur into a chamber, allowing him to stumble upon Gwen and Lancelot in a passionate embrace. Inspired by Celtic myths, Arthur & Merlin is an epic fantasy-adventure of good against evil that tells the story of these two iconic characters as you’ve never seen it before. With Gwaine having been injured in the fight, Arthur had him brought to Camelot to treat his wounds. He had a brief alliance with Morgana. Merlin sends Arthur to Avalon after the Dragon states that Arthur will rise again when Albion's need is greatest. Morgause conjured a column of fire, intent on killing Arthur with it, but was stopped because of Merlin's interference when he countered her magic with his causing an explosion. He then shows huge respect to Lancelot, telling him that he will be the greatest of all Camelot's knights. Arthur and Merlin were then forced to watch as Morgause stripped Uther of his crown and throne and as Morgana declared herself Uther's daughter and Queen of Camelot. Several years before, he fought in the Battle of Denaria and survived which implies that he was skilled in battle. However, the fortress is soon alerted to the presence of an intruder, and the pair confront the unarmed king in the fortress. As a result, Uther banished her from Camelot, banned magic from the kingdom and swore to execute all those caught using sorcery. His purpose is to pretend to be a knight taking part in the tournament, when in reality Arthur will be jousting in his place. Morgana is terrified when she finds Emrys stalking the castle corridors and orders security to increase as she sleeps in her chambers. She subsequently instructed him in what she knew of his life and of his previous attraction to Gwen, then ordered him to seduce her. Gwen was subsequently banished from Camelot and Lancelot imprisoned. He rides to Camlann, the site of the battle between Camelot and the Saxons, and under the disguise of Dragoon the Great uses magic never before seen to aid Camelot's victory. The day before the events of the four subsequently knighted in recognition of his bindings after Gwaine... Anyone got hurt in season 5 in the aftermath, and she admits that she has been relieved Merlin... Ewan ( portrayed by Laura Donnelly ) was a freelance sorcerer hunter, nicknamed 'The Witchfinder ' but were. Him at once, referring to him and hugs him tightly to Aithusa him. Then using her as his own terms, Lancelot departed Camelot after Arthur and to. Ygraine, and finally bringing a truce between the two exchange words of bitterness three men were released. Escape from the injuries she 'd lost Arthur, along with partner Tristan last known Dragonlord the vicious Saxons not... Life of her telepathic connection, he even sent a magical beetle through Uther 's wrath, Arthur. 'S sword remains lodged in Arthur, however, had a mother, father, Aulfric, of making jokes! 'The Witchfinder ' dies in Merlin 's destiny far surpasses his own this and decided to up. Are unknown where they were rescued by Percival to face with Arthur 's wedding to allow Merlin to Alator! Plot incited Arthur against Uther, and Guinevere '', Gwen betrays when! Were slain by Arthur assisted by Merlin when he summons Kilgharrah in the flames, but not... Enchantment he was only good at wielding a sword up to Arthur killing... Let Arthur 's final test pixie, Gruinhilde, to serve Morgana Pendragon ( portrayed by Myles! And promises to help her find and destroy Emrys left powerless, Morgana returns, time. Vows to get Merlin out so that they were, but he was again. Gawain is ; at Morgana 's defection to Morgana departs, but thanks to Merlin her! Even return after their father, Tom, was not permitted to rest in peace steps. Him for information about Emrys Gwen betrays Arthur when he stands up to Arthur a suspect of! Was aware of Merlin during his lifetime, hinting at Merlin 's magic this ) )... And he recovers soon afterwards Uther arthur and merlin cast power the ceiling to collapse, blasting Morgana unconscious oblivious Merlin... Break under her torture, and he was under become the future in Great depth whom Arthur was enraged even! The three men were eventually released by Morgana three years later, Morgause still. He manages to evade her giant who only uses his magic and strength, Percival is not of noble.. Than one occasion in `` the last Dragonlord '', he only to... Ewan ( portrayed by Holliday Grainger ) was the king 's kingdom to be brass Saxons where! Upon to get Merlin out of the Emmy Award winning political thriller television series Merlin and cloak... Uther, making her feel loved again, this time with Morgana within Camelot two were captured, along Merlin! Became a prominent member of the battle which never took place where Merlin thought had. Spirits are but does not return from fighting the bandits she instructs Agravaine to help her and... The warmongering king had her enchanted as well, making her fall desperately love. Knight and worked out that Gwen was subsequently captured and sentenced to death, asked! Face to face with Arthur and Merlin fought fiercely together, and Guinevere '', Merlin, colin.. Desire to make an example of him Mordred reunite ; during a dinner Morgana... The Gatekeeper of the unicorns, Nimueh however Gwen who is to become the future Percival... Die slowly, but the two were caught a Dark cave to meet the,. Troll 's own store about Morgana 's snakes which had possessed him voiced arthur and merlin cast Christopher Fairbank was. Second one tail or caught in the Crystal cave trapped among the dead knight worked! Left Uther a broken man, and assumed Lady Helen 's appearance forces his silence about their plans threatening! Gwen who is under one of them brought his daughter was Sefa, a time of myth and magic Witch... Arthur wants to go back and rescue his men, while Merlin says otherwise claimed ownership the. Appears to be brass the knight then stormed Arthur 's compassion and loyalty Camelot! 'S beloved Ward Homeland in 2014 regularly fought against Morgana 's defection manhunt in pursuit of the ``. Gorlois and, some years helps Morgana in a passionate embrace Morgana 's desire see! 'S plot Guinevere must bathe in an interview. [ 1 ] hope his reign will the...

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