Yes, please call security to alert them of any guests coming. You can call them at 251-980-9080, or dial 22800 from your unit phone.

Front desk does not accept packages that are not addressed to your unit. Deliveries can be scheduled directly through Owner Relations. Please address them:

Caribe Resort
C/O Owner Relations – (Your Unit)
28103 Perdido Beach Blvd.
Front Desk
Orange Beach, AL 36561

You may purchase additional parking passes from the front desk for $25. These passes are good for the duration of your stay – not per day.

Parking decals can be picked up for no additional charge at the sales office during normal business hours.

Boat slips and trailer parking are available for rent for owners and guests only. Please contact the front desk at 251-980-9000 for availability and pricing.

Keycards can be made or rekeyed at the front desk in the B Tower. Keycards are not able to be made with a “non-expiration” and are typically keyed for a year at a time. If your keycard stops working, stop by the front desk in B Tower and be sure to have proper identification with you to provide. For after hours emergencies, Security can be reached at 251-980-9080 to grant access to your unit until the front desk opens at 8am daily to be able to rekey your keycard.

Condo Dues

Condo dues are based on the square footage of your unit. You can find your amount in the sales brochure you were given when purchasing your condo, or contact COA Accounting at 251-980-9057 or your Owner Relations representative.

Monthly dues checks should be sent to:
Caribe Owners Association
PO Box 1040
Orange Beach, AL 36561

Monthly invoices are not sent, however, you will receive a coupon book each December for the following year with monthly coupons.

Realty Statements

Realty statements include work orders and monthly rental income. If you have any questions about your statement, please contact your Owner Relations Representative.

Realty statement checks should be sent to:
Caribe Realty
PO Box 189
Orange Beach, AL 36561

Please send your realty statement checks separate from your monthly dues as they are two separate companies.


All Insurance Policy requests should be sent to our insurance company, Gambrell, Sturges & Tober. They can be reached at [email protected]

Yes, your mortgage company can email requests to [email protected]

Update Information

If you need to update your address, phone number, or email address, submit a request on the contact page of the Owner’s website, or email [email protected].

Any person not on the condo deed you would like to have access to your unit needs to be on the Key Authorization list. Forms are located in the documents section of the Owner’s website, or you can pick one up from the front desk during normal business hours.

Owner Association Meetings

The Caribe Owners Association meetings are held on the third Saturday of March each year.

Yes, we will contact you prior to the meeting. Please keep your contact information up-to-date.

The annual meeting minutes can be found under the “Documents” section on the Owner’s website.


Private owners and Caribe rental owners can schedule work orders through the “Contact” page on the Owner’s website, calling maintenance directly at 251-980-9070, or by email: [email protected].

There is a charge for non-rental owner work orders. Please contact our maintenance department at 251-980-9070

We do not have extra mailbox keys. If you need your lock rekeyed, we charge a $105 fee.


Housekeeping is available for private owners and Caribe Realty rental owners.

Cleaning fees are based on the size of your unit and the work you request. For pricing information, contact Housekeeping at 251-980-9061.

To schedule housekeeping services, contact Housekeeping at 251-980-9061 or email [email protected].

Technical Support

Your unit’s WIFI password is located in the kitchen near the phone, generally on the outlet faceplate.

You can also connect to our secure property-wide wifi “Caribe Wifi“. The password is cariberesort.

Internet, TV, and phone support is available on demand. You can contact our I.T. team at 251-980-9090.


There is a 25-pound weight limit for adult dogs. If the puppy’s breed is known to outgrow 25 pounds, we will not be able to register it.

Dog registration takes place at the sales office during normal business hours. Please bring your dog and up-to-date vet records when registering. We will take a photo of you and your dog to keep for our records.

There is a $25 fee for a leash and registration.

All dogs must be walked on the south side of the buildings. There are pet waste stations set up around the property. Please clean up after your pet – the property is being monitored for left waste.

We apologize, but cats are strictly prohibited due to the endangered beach mouse.