11 05, 2018

Glass Top Table Reminder


As you have previously been made aware, glass top tables on balconies are prohibited. While most have already been replaced, we sustained damage this week from glass top tables flying off the balcony. This poses a serious threat of injury to property and the safety of guests and residents. As a reminder per [...]

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11 05, 2018

Hurricane Procedures


In preparation for hurricane season starting in June, we wanted to remind you of our procedures. Should a hurricane appear to be headed towards our area, Caribe Realty will make sure the buildings are secure. We will bring your balcony furniture inside your unit and ensure that your unit is locked. There is [...]

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11 05, 2018

Insurance Requests


You may receive a notification from your mortgage company requesting proof of flood insurance. Please do not panic when you receive this notice. All Caribe Home Owner Association insurance is paid for and up-to-date. McCarron Insurance does not send updated insurance information to your mortgage companies without a letter from you or your [...]

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