Dear Caribe Resort Owners,

Thank you to everyone who was in attendance at the annual homeowners meeting on Saturday, February 18th 2023.


Common Area Working Hours 

The Board of Directors has approved for a temporary variance to common area working hours. Until further notice, the hours to work (noise) has been extended to 7am-7pm, 7 days a week. This will give extra time to complete the lazy river deck renovation.

Mini Golf

The mini golf installation, south of the C tower upper deck is 95% completed. Lighting has been ordered and we anticipate receiving this within the next few weeks. A fountain fixture has been ordered to go in place of the old splash pad.

Property Paving Project

On Monday March 6th, we will begin the paving process to the asphalt areas from the entry of the property to the loading areas of the B and C buildings. We will be rerouting traffic and will block entry and exits between B and C on the service road between the buildings.

This project includes asphalt repairs at the loading areas and other potholes, sealing all cracks in asphalt, seal coating all asphalt, repainting speed bumps and restriping parking areas by the tennis court and north side of putting green. 

Building Painting Project

The painting crews have completed the handrails and caulking of the outer window panes in the B building. They have started working in the C building and have completed the handrails from the penthouse level thru the 9th level and have begun on the 8th floor. They have a second crew that has started the caulking of the window panes on the penthouse level.  

Upper Pool Deck & Lazy River Closure

Crews have begun installation work on the upper pool deck on the South-side of C & D tower this past Monday. The lazy river and pool area will be closed while undergoing these repairs. They have started on the west end to complete the upper pool deck first and then will move to complete the lazy river deck area. We anticipate completion of the C upper pool deck first so it can be open in April and then the lazy river deck to be open by Memorial Day Weekend (weather and staffing permitted)

The final design of the lazy river deck was announced at the annual meeting and you can view the finalized deck plan below.

Projects in Progress:

  • The B southside upper and lower parking deck areas have been undergoing repairs to replace bearing pads, fix cracks in the concrete along with restabilizing these areas. 
  • The B outdoor pool replastering has been completed and has reopened. The slide is still under repair and will be closed off and is anticipated to be completed by early next week. 

On Saturday, February 18th, 2023, the Caribe Resort annual homeowners meeting was held in the D 100 space at 1:00pm. Prior to the annual meeting of all members, the board approved the proposed budget for 2023.  To ratify this budget, we will need to hold a special meeting for Caribe Resort Owners to review and either approve or reject the proposed budget.  Approval will be a simple majority of owners both in person and by proxy at this meeting, (a quorum of all owners is not required).  This special meeting for all owners will be held on March 18th 2023 at 11:00am in the D 100 meeting space.  We will be sending out notice by mail and electronically via DocuSign which will include an agenda, copy of the budget and proxy if you are not going to attend.

We hope to see you there and if you have questions please contact your owner relations representative.

Thank you,

Caleb Glover

B Tower

[email protected]


Jill Alford

C Tower

[email protected]


Hayli Parnell

D Tower

[email protected]