Dear Caribe Resort Owners,

A big thank you to our Board President, Larry Wireman, for the parking development of his land to the East of D tower. This new addition allows for new trailer parking as well as overflow parking for additional vehicles. The parking lot is now officially open and available for use, and we will no longer have an abundance of vehicles parking on our beautiful landscape.

Important Things To Note: 

  1. The lot will not be accessible from Perdido Beach Boulevard at this time.
  2. All vehicles and trailers must have a parking pass. These are available at the Front Desk in Building B and the same existing rates will apply.
  3. Please use caution and do not spin wheels on the loose gravel. Drive accordingly and park at your own risk. This area will be under surveillance.

Larry himself, along with many other employees, have been working tirelessly throughout the week to ensure completion in time for the holiday weekend.

Thank you,
Angela Miller
Owner Relations Manager
[email protected]