New Additions to Our Owner Relations Department

It is our pleasure to announce a new addition to our staff! Whitney Harris has joined the Owner Relations department to better serve the needs of our homeowners. Along with Angela Miller, Whitney will be your liaison for B and D towers. Angela will continue to serve the owners of C tower and maintain the owner’s website, Angela, who has been with Caribe Resort for five years, will continue to guide many decisions associated with Owner Relations.


Water Damage Control Policy

Caribe Realty will now be the first point of contact for any water leak that may be detected or found in any condo at Caribe Resort. Once the source of the leak is found and stopped, we will contact the owner or management company. If a leak is the individual owner’s responsibility, the owner will have the option of allowing Caribe Realty or another contractor to make the repair.


If you have any questions regarding monthly billing, renovations, or the association, feel free to contact Angela or Whitney via email or phone. Maintenance issues or requests should continue to go to 251.980.9070 or [email protected].



Angela Miller, Owner Relations C Tower
[email protected]



Whitney Harris, Owner Relations B and D Towers
[email protected]