Please see the questions asked of the board prior to the meeting time. If you have questions about any of these responses, please contact your owner relations representative.

Thank you!

Caribe Realty Management

Dog Questions

What are the current dog rules? Can we enforce a penalty for violating the dog policy?

We abide by the ADA and FHA rules for service animals.

Full-time owners that have a dog under 25lbs can apply to the board for permission to have a non-service dog.

Guests in violation are given a verbal warning of the rules and have 24 hours to remove the pet from property before eviction.

What can we do about the dog-walking on the North Side of Caribe?

We have signs posted throughout property restricting usage for dog-walking on the Bay Walk. If you see anyone violating this rule please contact Security at 251-980-9080.

Can we amend the bylaws to allow owners to bring all pets during an emergency evacuation even if the pet is larger than the weight limit?

Yes, but this would require 67% of owners in favor to gain approval.

The dog rules posted need to cover the green leash, vaccination records, and the 25lb rule. Can we get these updated?

Owner relations has received this request and working to ensure all documents cover the necessary information regarding the pet policy.  

Outdoor Space

Since the gravel was completed, will this eventually be a boat landing/launch?

No, there are currently no plans to create an on property boat landing.

What are the final plans for the overflow lot? Who is on the deed of said lot? Are boats paying to park there?

The lot is in place to help with overflow parking of vehicles and trailers during the busy season. The COA does not have ownership of this property.  Vehicles and trailers must have a valid parking pass from the front desk.

Can we have a designated smoking area to help manage the number of people now smoking on property?

 Caribe Resort has always been a nonsmoking resort. Guests are not permitted to smoke inside the units or on the balconies. Smoking is permitted on the resort grounds with the exception of pool areas. Security is on property to help enforce these rules.

Why did the board approve a helicopter pad in the overflow parking? We are scared it is going to affect rentals. It is very loud.

The helicopter is not on COA property.

Why do people who own on the first floor have designated parking in the lower parking deck? It would make more sense to have them on the upper deck and walk right in to their unit and no need for stairs or an elevator.

Parking was planned at the time of construction and recorded as such.

We have had a few close calls with the 2 way traffic going into C building. We would like to see it become an enter only on the curved ramp. The other going into D building is large enough to be an enter/exit.

We will take this into consideration and if changed will mark it as exit only.

My question for the meeting is about the lighting on the balconies.  We were under the impression that you could not have any lights on your railing or the up lighting that is in the “D” building that is facing the highway.  We feel that the up lighting on the balcony’s, the rope lights and the lights on the roof take away from the Resort look of the Caribe and need to be addressed.

You cannot attach any lights to the common or limited common elements. The roof lighting was a board decision.

Why are owners not allowed to hang things on their outside front door?

This is in the condo docs that it is not allowed. It is association property. (The board has shown leniency during the holiday season.)


When will the tiles in the outdoor pools be repaired?

When the upper pool deck is repaired; as soon as possible after payment from the insurance company.  

When will the decking on the lazy river deck and pool area be fixed? Year after year we fight splinters in our children’s feet from the poor decking.

Alternative decking is in discussions and is also a negotiation with the Hurricane Sally claim.

What options do we have to deal with the rodent issue around the pool areas? I have watched several run across the pool area at night. This is not a good look for our property and should be addressed more aggressively.

We have notified our exterminator company of the issue and believe it has been resolved. Please report any recent activity!


Hurricane Sally

When will the outside railings and balconies be painted?

This is currently pending approval by the board and we anticipate beginning this process within the next 60 days.

Will the broken dock in front of B building that has been making loud noised for years be repaired with the rest of the docks? Several renters have complained it destroys peace and tranquility.

We will inspect this ASAP and plan a repair. Many docks/slips had additional repairs done over the last 12 months.

When do you anticipate reimbursement to owners for expenses incurred after Hurricane Sally? Caribe personnel encouraged owners to pay for repairs (flooring, etc.) in order to get inventory back on the market. They said we would be reimbursed at a later date.

We have already sent out reimbursements for HVAC units and currently working on the others.

Will all the boat slip repairs be completed before the active boating season in 2022?

Boat dock repairs have been completed with the exception of the K & L docks. We are actively working on these docks. If weather and labor permit we should have these repairs completed in the coming weeks.

What is the plan for the carpet in the atriums? It is very much stained. I spoke with COA staff and they said the stains are having a tough time coming out.

This project is under pricing review. We hope to start laying carpet in the D tower in the coming weeks.

When will the putt putt area be completed?

This is in planning and still under negations with the Hurricane Sally claim.

General Questions

Is there a plan to further the capabilities of the locks on the doors that we do not have to the front desk or leave keys under the mat?

We are working on some different options and pricing these options out.

Are write in votes for board members allowed?


Our question or should I say concern, is how can an offsite rental company have complete control over units that can so grossly affect the units below and surrounding said rental unit and still be part of the Caribe owners association? We are well aware that rentals are a part of condominium ownership, however the owners association/management need more control over offsite rentals rather than the rental companies having the control.

Depending on what the issue is Caribe COA does have the control to manage the property and property surrounding said issue. Outside companies have the responsibility to manage and uphold the inside of units and if an issues are causing disruption to surrounding areas. This is a gray area that we must continue to approach seriously to ensure remediation for rental and non-rental properties.

When housekeeping or maintenance charge owners, can the exact date be placed on the owner statement? Sometimes they charge a month after the initial work order.

Work orders are entered on a monthly basis and the date of the work can always be found by going directly to the work order details.

All of the bylaws state the annual meeting is in October. Why did we change it to February? I would like to propose our annual meeting to take place in October, as the bylaws state, to allow the board/coa 6 months prior to busy season to implement any changes.

We changed this so we could have audited financials that are accurate for the full year.

Why are members only given 10 days’ notice to submit an application to join the board? I would like to propose owners be given 30 day written notice. Not everyone is on Facebook and the owner’s page. I would like to prose a change of a 10 day minimum notice to a 30 day minimum mailed notice before the meeting is held. Also, an Ice machine on the property would be nice.

The COA Meeting is set for the third Saturday of February of each year. Notice of the meeting was given December 27th, January 19th, January 20th, and January 31st.

Any talk about updating the workout equipment in B tower? It is quite old.

 Yes, it is in the capital expense projects for 2022. Treadmills were already recently replaced.

Security/Spring Break

Boaters beach their craft on Ole River a short distance east of D and they just walk into Caribe Campus. In summer dozens just stroll in. Can we get a security gate or the equivalent there?

We will increase security of this area and determine if a fence can be installed or other options.

We desperately need a completely separate entrance for owners. Summer weekends are a disaster with traffic backed up way into Perdido Beach Blvd. Any plans to address this issue?

We would be happy to consider options for this area, as this topic has previously been raised in question.

Can we greatly increase the fine/penalties for parking in unauthorized owner spaces? Boot or towing should be applied quickly

The booting of a car is a $100.00 penalty and towing is the vehicle owners’ expense.

Will the prohibition against parking on our beautiful grass strips or in unauthorized areas be strictly enforced?

 Security will be roping off all restricted areas. Anyone violating the parking restrictions will receive a fine/boot. We have the D overflow parking lot this year that should help with the number of vehicles trying to park in grassy areas.

Will stern measures against trespassing (especially teens) be enforced?  At some point we need to call law enforcement and demand arrests be made.

This has been our practice but it is up to OBPD to make the citation decision. They have been too lenient at some times primarily due to their arrest load.

Is there a better way to secure the gate by Cobalt and the gate by B building pool? We watch young kids park in the marina parking lot and walk over and guests let them in because they don’t know the issue with non-paying guests using the facilities.

During the busy season and spring break we try to have security present at all access entry points. This past season was limited due to employee shortages. We are working on fully staffing labor in preparation of this year’s crowds. Security will be monitoring this area and will remove any trespassers. Furthermore, we have added additional camera surveillance to help security track this area.

Can we develop a system to track the number of people going into a unit? Is there software to manage this? Guests should not be allowed to invite guests if the number of people exceeds what the owners unit holds.

We have rules of no house parties and evict those in violation. We catch many of these, but please report to Security if you see any activity of this kind.

Can we establish the bracelets for guests as proposed two years ago?

Our management team plans to implement a wristband policy for this year’s spring break crowd. We are currently working out the logistics and best practices to use, while working closely with our security team and front desk staff to begin this process.

My request is for the Board to approve a “standardized” combination key card holder that is allowed on a specific location on the unit doors. The POA can specify the type of combination lock to create a standardized look. These are not unattractive and are in no way “decorations” currently prohibited. This would be a very convenient service for the owners that need to get keys to non renters.

Please bring this up in the annual meeting. In the meantime the board will be notified of the suggestion.