Dear Caribe Resort Owners,

Please see the questions asked prior to the meeting. If you have questions about any of these answers, please email Angela Miller at [email protected].

Thank you!

Caribe Realty Management

Dog Questions

What are the current dog rules?

We abide by the ADA and FHA rules for service animals.

Full-time owners that have a dog under 25lbs can apply to the board for permission to have a non-service dog.

Why is the weight restriction so low for dogs?

This is a common threshold to minimize property impact and mitigate safety. There has always been a pro-dog and anti-dog side. The board established the rules to try and strike a balance.

Are dogs allowed at the pool?

Service animals are permitted at the pool (by law), pets are not allowed at the pool


Unit Decorations

Why are owners not allowed to hang things on their outside front door?

This is in the condo docs that it is not allowed. It is association property.
(The board has shown leniency during the holiday season.)

Are balcony lights allowed now?



Outdoor Space

Will the lights on top of the buildings continue to change colors?

Yes. They will change based on the holidays.

When will there be more outdoor grills?

Yes, once the bay walk and boat docs are repaired.

Would you consider upgrading the outdoor grills?

The ones that are currently there are the sturdiest option for our application.
Send us the grills that you are suggesting and the board will consider them.

When will the bay walk be 100% open?

As soon as possible. We are working on it and we expect it to be repaired by the summer season.

When will the docks be completed?

As soon as possible. There is currently a shortage of contractors due to hurricane repairs. We will work the marina in sections so we can open some piers quickly.

Will the gravel parking lot be an alternate entrance for owners during the busy season?


Since the gravel was extended toward the water, will it serve as a boat launch?




When will the pool murals in the indoor pools be repaired?

C is complete. Others will be repaired when the weather warms up and the indoor pools can be shut down one at a time to allow for the repairs.

When will the tiles in the outdoor pools be repaired?

When the upper pool deck is repaired; as soon as possible after payment from the insurance company.  

Why are the hot tubs/steam rooms closed but the pools are open?

Social Distancing requirements.

Would it be possible to get recycle bins on-site? (Maybe in the lower parking area)

We cannot get a municipality to pick up recycling at our location. We suggest you contact the City of Orange Beach

When will the weight room equipment and flooring be updated?

Cardio equipment was updated in 2020. The free weights are standard. Machines need to be updated based on the owner’s board decision.


Hurricane Sally

Will there be an assessment?

We do not know at this time, as our insurance claim is not settled yet.

Will insurance go up?

Yes. We do not know how much it will go up yet.

Can we get an update on the status of overall repairs?

Yes, we will discuss these in the meeting.

Is the D building going to get new carpet in the lobby?

It will at some point, currently the focus is Hurricane Sally’s recovery.

When will the water feature in the D lobby get repaired?

All three towers will get repaired once Hurricane Sally’s damages are complete (after this year’s busy season).

When will the annual carpet cleaning in the atrium areas be done?

We clean atrium carpets on a routine basis.

Is there any requirement when laying new floors to install a sound buffer?

No requirement. However, most LVP flooring comes with a rubber backing that serves as a sound barrier.


General Questions

Is the Caribe going to switch to the entry bracelets that were previously discussed?

Door entry bracelets were delayed due to COVID and Hurricane Sally. They are still on the horizon.

Would it ever be a possibility for the owners to be allowed to put their own keypad system on their unit?

No. Emergency entry is required 24/7 for every door on the property.

Is there going to be a 4th tower added (even though Trump didn’t get re-elected)?

Yes, a 4th and 5th tower will be added when Biden gets out of office