Dear Caribe Resort Owners,

We wanted to update you with a friendly reminder about our pet policy. Repeated violations of any of these policies may result in privileges being permanently revoked. Dog registration takes place in the sales office Monday – Friday 9 am – 5 pm. Please call the sales office at 251-980-9040 if you are coming outside of this time. To register, the deeded owner will need to be present with the dog, along with a copy of their current vaccination records. A photo will be taken of the deeded owner and the dog for verification purposes. The deeded owner will also be required to sign a leash policy form that you can view here.

  1. Dog registration is exclusive to the deeded owner only. This means relatives & friends of owners & guests are not able to register a dog.
  2. Every dog on file must have a current record of their rabies vaccination on file. If you have not given us one in the last year, please email [email protected] to update your file.
  3. Dogs are only permitted to be walked on the south side of the buildings. Please do not bring dogs into the pool areas, fitness centers, or on the bay walk/ north side of the building.
  4. Dogs must be on a leash with the green lanyard visible at all times.
  5. Please pick up all dog waste. Bags & wastebaskets are available on the parking level loading docks of each building.
  6. Loud barking from pets is prohibited and will be treated as a public nuisance.
  7. Any damages caused by a pet will be billed directly to the owner’s statement.
  8. Cats are prohibited on the property.

In addition to these rules, any owner who loans or permits a guest or family member to use their leash will automatically have their privileges permanently revoked, and the pet must be removed immediately from the property. We do understand that in many cases, pets are a part of your family, however, we want to ensure all owner’s rights are supported and the property rules are applied.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Whitney Harris & Jill Alford
[email protected]