Dear Caribe Resort Owners,

We have received multiple calls about an order that the Baldwin County Health Department sent out yesterday. They have rescinded their limitations on 10 people per body of water, and have given the below guidelines.

“Requirements are as follows:
*Because pool(water venues) occupancy may vary based on the size of the pool(water venues) and pool(water venues) deck so will the amount of people allowed.
*The permit holders must make reasonable efforts to prohibit groups of 10 or more from gathering, and a six-foot distance must be maintained between persons from different households.

For example, a pool operator may mark areas on a pool deck to ensure that a six-foot distance is maintained between groups, may arrange pool deck furniture in a manner that complies with social distancing requirements,
or may allow use of the pool by reservation.”

Our aquatics team has moved the deck furniture to be six feet apart, and we will have security monitoring the pool areas for groups of ten or more.

Thank you for your cooperation in following CDC guidelines of groups of 10 people or less and remaining 6 feet away from others, and we look forward to seeing you all at the pools & beaches.

Caribe Management