Dear Caribe Resort Owners,

Good news at Caribe Resort!

Today, we have opened access on Caribe’s bay walk from the tiki hut between B & C Towers to the Marina parking lot. This will give owners and guests access to Cobalt Restaurant. All areas of concern are still roped off, which includes all docks. There are also a few outdoor grills between B & C tower which can be used. We hope to open at least one dock available for fishing soon.

General Insurance Update

We are still negotiating the damaged areas of the resort with our insurance company. At this point, we have not settled on any of the repair costs associated with the individual units. We realize this is frustrating to make repair plans, but this is the process of settling a multi-million claim for the betterment of all owners.

General Unit Update

On a positive note, we are making headway on unit remediation and have both carpet and vinyl flooring on-site for options to be installed. We anticipate the second carpet color option being delivered by the end of the week. These options will include a light tan and light gray carpet, and light gray, medium gray, and tan vinyl options. These options are available in the sales office for viewing.

We can commit to no-cost repairs for the carpet replacement options for the damaged area. Owners wanting to have consistent flooring or a modest upgrade to vinyl can be accommodated with a small up-charge. However, this amount has yet to be determined until insurance commits to the settlement cost. Again, we all want to get back to a normal situation, but the remediation for the volume of damaged units will simply take a bit more time.

We look forward to further repairs and appreciate your patience.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

Caribe Realty Management