Dear Caribe Resort Owners,

Caribe Resort operations will shut down as of noon today, Tuesday, September 15, 2020, and be back open on Thursday, September 16, 2020 based on weather conditions.  We do have some emergency staff staying on-site, so contact security in the event you need help.  Their number is 251.980.9080.  Please understand that at this time, it could be likely that fire alarms may go off due to the winds.  If this happens, we will react and stabilize the system in accordance with the Orange Beach Fire department.  Also, if for any reason power is lost, the backup generators will kick in and supply the common areas with lighting and elevator use.  Power to the condominium units may have some power but the entire tower will not be powered.

Stay safe, and we will see you when this is over.

Caribe Realty Management