Dear Caribe Resort Owners,

Hurricane Sally

On July 13 our consulting group met for formal negotiations regarding the claim for Hurricane Sally.  During the meeting the insurance company offered a settlement amount. Our Board counter-offered this settlement and we are awaiting a response at this time. As soon as we hear word on the outcome of this negotiation, we will be sure to update here.

Painting Update

After a brief delay due to weather, our crews are back to painting the balconies on C building. As long as the weather holds up we should be done with the C building within two weeks.  The crew will be setting up the swing stage on D tower next week. To get started on D tower they will begin with painting the 03 stack first. This will allow the pool areas to not be disrupted as we finish up the summer season.  Upon the completion of the D tower painting, this will conclude phase one of the paint project.  Crews will then relocate back to the B tower to begin railing and door trim painting.

Property Update

The D building carpet has arrived and the pallets are situated on each level corridor. The install for the carpet will begin as soon as the occupancy level lowers. The plan will most likely be mid-August.

The new gate system software has been installed. The gate arms will be installed when we receive lower occupancy as well.

Our owner relations team will continue to provide updates as we receive them. If you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out to your owner relations representative.

As a first reminder our Annual Homeowners Association meeting will be held February 18, 2023.

Andrea Soars

B Building


[email protected]

Jill Alford

C Building


[email protected]

Hayli Parnell

D Building


[email protected]