Dear Caribe Resort Owners,

Owner Reminder

We have had several requests from owners to be able to hang lights on their unit balcony railings and to install storage units or store personal belongings in their parking space. These are against the condo association rules and we respectfully request these items be removed if you have these on your balcony railings or in your parking space. 

Mini Golf Deck

Lighting has been installed on the upper mini golf deck in addition to a fountain fixture that’s been installed in place of the previous splash pad. This same lighting will also be installed on the upper lazy river and pool deck in the upcoming weeks.

Lazy River Soft Reopening 

Crews have been hard at work on the upper pool and lazy river deck installation. We’re happy to announce the lazy river is open for use as of June 24th and hope everyone is enjoying the new decking and lazy river area.

This is a soft reopening as a section of the north deck will remain closed for crews to begin working on the new cabanas and tiki bar installation for that area. The south section of the deck will also be closed for installation of the new splash pad and we anticipate completion of these areas in the upcoming weeks.

During the winter season, once occupancy drops, we will close the upper pool deck and the lower deck pools in between C & D for replastering and renovation to the coping and spillways.

Association Insurance Update

Insurance for the COA has been broken up into two separate insurance companies for the association. Please note many mortgage companies require an updated declaration page verifying the association has insurance annually.  

Wind and all other perils (AOP) is with Gambrell, Sturges and Tober Insurance. You can email requests for declaration pages and certificates to [email protected]

General Liability, Flood D&O, vehicle and umbrella coverage is still held through McCarron Insurance and they can be reached at [email protected]

Projects in Progress

  • The renovation of the C/D indoor corridor pool bathrooms is still in progress and this will feature a full remodel of these two bathroom areas. 
  • The lightning rod grid for the building rooftops are in process of being completed.
  • We’re awaiting the arrival of the D Building atrium rooftop AC and installation will take place after its arrival.
  • The Building Painting Project has been 95% completed in all three buildings.

Completed Projects This Month

  • The dectron dehumidification system installation has been completed for the C indoor pool.
  • The new atrium carpet has been installed in the B & D Buildings.

As a reminder our Annual Homeowners Association meeting will be held March 16th, 2024.

Thank you,

Caleb Glover

B & C Tower

[email protected]


Hayli Parnell

D Tower

[email protected]