Hurricane Sally Claim Update


As we continue to maneuver through the claim process our consulting team is still progressing towards a favorable outcome.  Over the past six weeks representatives have met on two occasions for property reviews and are considering further testing of property elements.   Although this strategy seems to prolong the process the board feels confident this is time well spent to ensure maximum benefits are met according to our insurance policy.   An assessment decision has not been determined at this point and we continue to work towards favorable results for our Caribe Owners.

Property Update


Our teams are currently working through many of the off-season projects. This includes pressure washing all garages, setting up Christmas decorations, and facilitating property repairs within units and common areas alike.   Since the last property update we have completed all tiki hut repairs except two.  The renovation of the tennis court area is in the queue with an anticipated start date of the end of the calendar year. The new court will also include a pickle ball court.   The boat docks behind B, C, and D towers are currently being worked on and we anticipate 90% to be open by the end of the year, with the exception of the docks closest to Ono Island which include half of K dock and L dock; these should be completed sometime in early 2022.  Dock workers are working daily to ensure safety by having all lighting working properly. Additional supports have been added throughout the docks which were needed regardless of the storm events.   Landscape continues to be improved with sod being laid by the dock areas and property wide. The completion of the parking lot East of the D tower is still in the process.   This area will be tidied up, and include set parking bumpers and landscaping. Currently, our IT staff is running new conduit for a property wide sound system which will encompass all areas.  The current system has deteriorated, so a complete install with new equipment is necessary.  Installation will begin on Monday, November 22nd.  The IT staff is also sourcing a new gate system as the one planned had a very expensive monthly carrying cost.  The board approved a new salt system for all pools and UV protection for all indoor pools and hot tubs.  Our current system is obsolete, and we have been slowly converting to chlorine as elements of each pool have deteriorated to being nonfunctional.   Our aquatics team has removed all current non-operating parts of the salt systems and anticipates the new installation to be November 27th.   This will be a huge savings on the reduction of chemicals and labor and a great improvement on the water quality for all pools and hot tubs.  Lastly, our beautiful mural in D indoor pool will undergo repairs by a local painter.  We are trying to save this gem as the dry wall it is on was deteriorated from humidity and the pool elements.

We look forward to some of the best holiday decorations which are being set up property wide.  We appreciate Amy, our Accounting Manager, and her team for all their hard work to make Christmas look exceptional this year.   They have been working late hours and weekends along with their daily duties to make this happen.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!