Dear Caribe Resort Owners,

The one-year time lapse has taken effect on the key cards and cards will need to be reprogrammed by the front office. When we changed over to our new RFID key system in May of 2021, all keys were made with a one-year expiration date. The new system does not have the capability to make “non-expiration” keys as the previous system allowed. If you’re experiencing any key issues, please be sure to visit the front desk so they can reprogram your keys. This does not affect rental unit key cards as they are reprogrammed on a frequent basis. If you will be arriving after front desk hours and are worried about your key being expired, please notify our front desk and a key will be left at the guard shack for your convenience.

If  you have any questions please reach out to your owner relations representative.

Jill Alford

C Building


Andrea Soars

B & D Buildings