March 2, 2020

Dear Caribe Condo Owners and Rental Management Companies,

During the annual meeting held on February 15, 2020, we announced a pilot program for wristbands during Spring Break to minimize the amount of unpermitted guests on property.

From March 27, 2020, to April 19, 2020, there will be a mandatory wrist band policy in effect per the Caribe Owner’s Association.

All owners, their guests, and rental occupants and their guests will be required to have a wristband on the property during these dates to validate that they have a right to be on the property.

The wristband guidelines are as follows:

  1. Owners can pick up their red wristbands for themselves and their guests beginning March 9, 2020, from the B Tower front desk.
  2. Rental companies can pick up their green wristbands beginning March 9, 2020, from the B Tower front desk.
  3. Rental companies will be required to hand out wristbands to all guests occupying the unit. Guests will be confronted if not wearing a wristband and will be required to show proof of their occupancy or they will be asked to leave the property if this cannot be produced.
  4. Daily visitor wristbands for all invited guests will be available from security. Owners can call in advance to request day wristbands, but all rental guests must call security at 22800 from their unit phone to request wristbands for daily visitors. These wristbands will have a different color for each day and will expire at midnight.
  5. There will be a limit of four wristbands per day each rental unit can receive to prevent house parties.

Thank you for your cooperation in this wrist band pilot program.


Stan Szapiel, General Manager