Dear Caribe Resort Owners,

Over the last ten months, the IT Department has been working tirelessly on upgrading our telecommunication systems. From March of 2019 until November of 2019, the team dedicated countless hours to upgrading the backbone of our system. All three buildings have been upgraded to fiber. This fiber allows for faster internet download speeds but also paved the way for the Dish Hopper Installations.

The final telecom monthly assessment will conclude in March of 2020, and by this time all Dish Hopper & Joey installs are expected to be completed. Your dues will return to their normal amount in April 2020. If you have a question about your dues, please don’t hesitate to contact Cindy with COA accounting at 251-980-9057 or [email protected]. A full update from our IT department was given at the annual meeting. Please see the meeting minutes by clicking here. All units in B & C building have been completely installed with the TV upgrades, and the team is working on D Building. The team has completed PH – level 8 in the D building but was held up by Dish Network. Installations will resume next week, with completion expected by the end of that week.

If you have any questions on how the Dish Hopper works, our concierge in the lobby of C building is now available to answer any questions Thursday – Sunday 8 – 5 pm. To view the updated channel guide, please click here.

Thank you for your patience as these upgrades have taken place. We are excited to push Caribe into the future of technology and set the resort up for success for years to come.

Angela Miller
Owner Relations Manager
[email protected]