Dear Caribe Resort Owners,

We hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season. The 2nd annual tree lighting was a success and we hope you all get the chance to enjoy the Christmas decorations around the property. During this time of lower occupancy our staff is hard at work completing projects from the Hurricane Sally claim and annual maintenance in preparation for the next busy season. An outline of what work is being done is below.

  • The Building Paint Project Update
    • Painting of the balcony walls and ceilings has been completed for every building.
    • Painting crews have finished all the railings in the B building. Crews are now moving to the Penthouse level of B building to begin the painting of the window mullions and re-caulking of the window frames. After the completion of B building they will move over to the C building.
  • IT Project Update
    • The new phone system installation is completed and the team will cut over to the new system by the end of December.
    • Rooftop lighting is being worked on by our team and should be ready in time for Christmas.
  • Completed Projects
    • The D corridor carpet has finished being installed on all levels.
    • The B building indoor pool re-plastering project was completed on November 10th along with the painting and re-carpeting of the pool area finished on November 17th.
    • C building new roof install is complete.
    • B building new fans and evac systems has been installed on the roof; C & D building still need the evac systems attached.
  • In Progress Projects
    • Lightning protection is being purchased for both the C & D buildings.
    • B outdoor pool is in the process of being resurfaced as well as the landscaping being refreshed in this outdoor area.
    • B outdoor slide and structure is undergoing some metal work that should be completed during the resurfacing process of the pool.
    • The L Docks are being worked on behind the D building and should be completed by the end of the month. The electrical and water supply are undergoing repairs, but should be restored shortly after dock completion.
    • Carpet for D & B building atriums has been ordered.
    • The new fitness equipment for B building fitness center should be arriving by the end of December (the old equipment will be removed once a buyer is found).
    • D building new roof install is almost at completion and should be done within the next few weeks.
    • In the C & D buildings’ corridor and lazy river landings resurfacing of the floors is in progress.
    • The mini golf area on the Southside of C building is undergoing turf removal and the new course installation will begin this month. We are hopeful for a completion date by the first of the New Year.
    • The Lazy River Deck project is in progress with the support system install being the first step. This project will take several months to complete.
    • D building parking deck is currently undergoing its routine maintenance upkeep and should be complete within the month. After the completion of D building deck crews will move to B building parking deck to begin the routine maintenance of the upper deck.
    • Lastly, the water walls in each building are in process of being repaired. B building atrium wall is completed and the remaining water walls will be completed once the Christmas holiday has passed.
  • Events on Property
    • Our Soles 4 Souls drive is still taking place though the first week of December. You can donate any new or gently used shoes to help children and communities in need. Drop off locations are at the front gate or any building lobby.
    • On Friday, February 17, 2023 a welcome reception for the annual meeting will be held from 5pm-7pm in the D building.
    • The Annual Meeting will be held Saturday, February 18, 2023 in the D100 space at 1pm. Lunch will be served beginning at noon. If you are interested in running for the board, please notify your owner relations representative for an application.

Thank you,

Andrea Soars

B Building


[email protected]

Jill Alford

C Building


[email protected]

Hayli Parnell

D Building


[email protected]