Dear Caribe Resort Owners,

We have received the 2023-2024 Hurricane Decals and we will begin the distribution of these to owners. The city of Orange Beach only allows two decals per unit. If you lose your decal, you will need to call the City of Orange Beach Finance Department at 251-981-6096 to replace it.

Owners that are currently on property or in the area can stop by the sales office in the B Building on Thursday, May 25th between 11am – 2:30pm to pick up their decals. After 2:30pm on Thursday, May 25th we will be mailing out the remaining decals. Please be on the lookout for these to arrive in the mail and be sure not to dispose of these as we can only provide two decals per unit.

Thank you,

Caleb Glover

B & C Tower

[email protected]


Hayli Parnell

D Tower

[email protected]